Waste Management Hates my Trash

This is the second time Waste Management has had trouble with my barrels.¬† Not that it’s a big deal or anything, but come on, leaving the thing in front of the driveway? What did this barrel ever do to you? Keep you employed?

Will’s First Easter Egg Hunt

Wills First Easter Egg Hunt 2017 from Chris Carroll on Vimeo.

Will has a blast during his first Easter egg hunt!

Will Plays the Conductor

Guess we have to buy one if these now too! One if the first real days of spring. At least you can’t see the stitches. 

Will’s First Trip to the Boston Garden

Merry Christmas 2016

ChristmasCard-2016-updatedMerry Christmas from Erin, Chris, and Will.


Will Starts Crawling

It’s crazy to see how fast Will is growing up, he just started crawling this week! Figures the only way to motivate him is with an Irish Whiskey in his sights.¬†Guess he takes after his father!

Merry Christmas from the Carrolls

Merry Christmas from the Carrolls

William Loves Thanksgiving

William Loves Thanksgiving

Will Is Batman

William is Batman

Will Helps Trim a Few Trees

You can’t just let the back yard get out of hand. Proper landscaping is not a joke for this guy.

Will Trims a few Trees

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