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Will’s First Easter Egg Hunt

Wills First Easter Egg Hunt 2017 from Chris Carroll on Vimeo.

Will has a blast during his first Easter egg hunt!

Will Plays the Conductor

Guess we have to buy one if these now too! One if the first real days of spring. At least you can’t see the stitches. 

Will Is Batman

William is Batman

Will Helps Trim a Few Trees

You can’t just let the back yard get out of hand. Proper landscaping is not a joke for this guy.

Will Trims a few Trees

Will’s First Trip to the Franklin Zoo

As you can see, Will had the best day of his life! As sarcastic as that sounds, it’s a completely true statement! I don’t know if the Giraffe or the nap he took through the whole day was his favorite!

Will isn't a happy cow at the franklin zoo

Will’s First Time at Not Your Average Joe’s

Will enjoyed his first trip to Not Your Average Joe’s.  While he enjoyed the bread and oil, mom and dad enjoyed a few beers.

Will Sleeping at Not Your Average Joe's

Who’s House is This?

Our nephew Jared spent the night with us so we got to make a fun video.  Who’s house is this?

Now Thats a Truffle Cake

Red Velvet Truffle Cake

Red Velvet Truffle Cake

A red velvet delicious truffle cake is what Erin and I got to enjoy this week.  If you look closely, you can see my arteries clogging!  I think this is part of Erin’s hidden attempts to take the house.

Intense Thunderstorm Over The House

Erin and I got to watch an intense thunderstorm that passed over the house.

Met a New Friend

As I was walking out if the house this little guy came walking right up to me! He was just a really happy dog. Luckily I was able to find the owner at the end of the street!


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