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Merry Christmas 2016

ChristmasCard-2016-updatedMerry Christmas from Erin, Chris, and Will.


Will Starts Crawling

It’s crazy to see how fast Will is growing up, he just started crawling this week! Figures the only way to motivate him is with an Irish Whiskey in his sights.¬†Guess he takes after his father!

Merry Christmas from the Carrolls

Merry Christmas from the Carrolls

Will Helps Stain the Deck

Home maintenance is nothing to joke about. Always be sure to keep your home in top shape.  


Will’s First Trip to Lowe’s

Needed to get some deck stain and sealer.  


Will’s First Walk

He’s either sneezing or pooping.  


Will’s First Day

Will’s first day with us. Doesn’t seem to happy being kicked out of his rent free studio apartment.

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