Will’s First Trip to the Franklin Zoo

As you can see, Will had the best day of his life! As sarcastic as that sounds, it’s a completely true statement! I don’t know if the Giraffe or the nap he took through the whole day was his favorite!

Will isn't a happy cow at the franklin zoo

Will’s First Time at Not Your Average Joe’s

Will enjoyed his first trip to Not Your Average Joe’s. ¬†While he enjoyed the bread and oil, mom and dad enjoyed a few beers.

Will Sleeping at Not Your Average Joe's

Will Helps Install new Outdoor Color Changing Lights and Fixtures

Because everyone deserves a special enterance. 

Will’s First Trip to Not Your Average Joes

 Bread, oil, milk, sleep. 

Will Helps Install Sprinklers

 First step to a healthy lawn is a well hydrated lawn. 

Will Takes a Trip to O’Connor Hardware

  Will and I are on a mission to save the lawn!

Will Helps Stain the Deck

Home maintenance is nothing to joke about. Always be sure to keep your home in top shape.  


Will’s First Trip to Lowe’s

Needed to get some deck stain and sealer.  


Will’s First Walk

He’s either sneezing or pooping.  


Will’s First Day

Will’s first day with us. Doesn’t seem to happy being kicked out of his rent free studio apartment.

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